Located in Teluk Intan, Rick Resort seats next to the bay of Perak River.

Rick Resort is located in Teluk Intan, Perak, which was formerly known as Teluk Mak Intan and subsequently Teluk Anson. With a history dating back to 1877, Teluk Intan is home to various settlements built along the Perak River – the second longest river in peninsular Malaysia.
In this relatively homely and compact town, travellers may opt to cycle around the town in the early morning. You will get to enjoy the fresh air breezes in the morning and experience first hand of the local culture.
Our undisputed icon for Teluk Intan - the Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan (Menara Condong). In fact, the Leaning Tower has so much influence in Teluk Intan that Teluk Intan’s Seal is the Leaning Tower.
The other attraction includes the Growing Stones (Batu Tenggak or 大石头). Many believed that this stone was only the size of a matchbox when the british empire initially placed the stone. The stone grew bigger each year and it became the size of a boulder today!
Built in 1883, the Fu Shun Gong (福顺宫) Temple is the Teluk Intan oldest Chinese Temple.
It began in a small shed, it was believed to have expanded by an officer recovered from serious illness after praying in the temple.
This is the first modern higher institution in Perak, and also the WHOLE OF MALAYA.

Built in 1901, it begin when Sheikhul Islam Tuan Haji Muhammad Salih Bin Haji Muhammad Tayyib visited Teluk Intan by the invitation of the local leader and was greeted warmly by the locals. This institution was then built with the support of Sultan and the public at large.
The earliest form of morning market. Without shades and shelters, this morning market is opened and concentrated in the middle fo the multiple cross roads.
This is Perak Raja Muda’s Old Mansion, but has since shifted away from in 1980s. It is now one of the most notable landmark in Teluk Intan. Local here calls this place ‘the Raja Muda’s House’. There is a long history between royalties in Perak with Teluk Intan.
Our St. Anthony Church Teluk Intan is turning 125 years old next year! This church was built when the M.E.P. Fathers of France was assigned to evangelize in the 19th century at South East Asia.

The parish of St. Anthony, Teluk Intan was initiated in 1894 by the MEP Fathers of The Society of Foreign Missions of Paris (French: Société des Missions Étrangères de Paris, short M.E.P.); which is a Roman Catholic missionary organization.
Old Court House of Teluk Intan. Built in 1880-1909, this court house is the icon of colonial era.

Recognising the historical value of this Court House, Department of Museum Malaysia was tasked and had refurbished it in 2005.
Beautiful scenes of such are not a rare sight in Teluk Intan. For an even more amazing view, tourist may opt to rent a boat to the Perak River. It should roughly cost about RM20/person and the tour last about 2 hours. Quite a deal if you ask me.
If you are lucky the same boat ride will bring you into the wonderland of fireflies.

Fireflies population are dwindling at a sharp rate due to deforestation and heavy farming. if you get the visit Teluk Intan, please don't miss this opportunity!
Local delicacies are part of the Teluk Intan exploration. Being the third largest city (town) in Perak, our local food has the long history of improvisation while maintaining its integrity of original flavour. Yum yum…
Visit one of our fruit farms in Teluk Intan. A small walk in fruit farm can be suprisingly refreshing!
Teluk Intan is famous for making lion dance head too! Teluk Intan lion dance team has won multiple state-level and national-level titles.

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